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In Brief

Salusbury WORLD

A Karin Littlewood painting

The UK government

continues to tinker with the asylum system on the premise that making it 'less attractive' will reduce the number of people seeking safety here.

No place for a child

Stop detaining children now!

In the UK the government currently detains more than 2,000 children, including babies, in immigration detention centres every year. That's equivalent to the number of pupils at a large inner-city secondary school.

These children have not committed any crime but are held behind locked doors and high barbed wire fences. Five years ago it was rare for families and children to be detained for immigration purposes. Now, members of the No Place for a Child coalition have documented detentions lasting anything from 7 to 268 days.

Detaining these children is wrong - regardless of the merits of a family's asylum case.

"Detention is like a cage, and I was like a small bird with no food in it. I wished I could fly..."

Navid, 7, spent 32 days in detention at Yarl's Wood Detention Centre.

To find out more, and join in the campaign to end the detention of children, visit the website

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The Team

Sarah Reynolds
Sarah Reynolds:
Project manager
Ben Smith
Ben Smith:
Assistant manager
Lynne Knight
Lynne Knight:
Tommy Evans
Tommy Evans
Play Co-ordinator
Johanna Freudenberg

Spotlight on Johanna Freudenberg: Artist

I have worked at Salusbury WORLD for five years, making art projects with the children in the After-School Club. We enjoy combining the development of a multitude of creative skills with the celebration of the many festivals that are part of the lives of our families.

I'm an artist and landscape gardener, living and working locally, and have a long-standing relationship with Salusbury School, as my children went there over a period of seventeen years. For me, Salusbury WORLD represents the best a community can offer to its refugee friends.

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Did you know?

According to the UNHCR, the UK detains more people for longer periods with less judicial supervision than any comparable country in Europe. Amnesty International believes that in 2004 this figure was over 25,000, including women and children.